Waterproof Blue Husky

Elegante impermeable tipo Husky ribeteado en cuadros escoceses. Perfecto para pasear este invierno con tu mascota.

To choose the best size, measure your chest, neck and back and then help yourself with the board to find the size that best suits your measurements.

Medir tallas de tu mascota

SX 20-23 cm.
25-28 cm.
20-25 cm.
S 25-28 cm.
30-33 cm.
25-30 cm.
M 30-33 cm.
35-38 cm.
30-35 cm.

Manufacture: 100% made by hand in Spain.

Fabric: Polyester fabric and cotton bias.

Closure: Practical snap closure on neck and velcro on the strip that surrounds the chest.

Washing: Wash by hand and do not use tumble dryer.